Cascade Whitebait offers a range of fresh and frozen products

Fresh whitebait are drained and chilled at Cascade and Waiatoto before being "tinned" into plastic containers and flown to the Christchurch depot. Once there the whitebait is packed into the required container sizes of each order and placed into polybins before being freighted to the customer.

fresh whitebait

Fresh Whitebait Options

250gm pottles
Great for counter display or tidy storage. Either clear or bar-coded. Fantastic for individual or small group servings.

Order Options:
3kg - Freight $12
7.5kg - Freight $26
11.25kg - Freight $36

1kg pottles
Ideal for larger banquet meals or for food service requirements

Order Options:
8kg - Freight $26

4kg pottles
Most common fresh product container. Easily handled and stored.

Order Options:
4kg - Freight $12
8kg - Freight $26
12kg - Freight $36

9kg buckets
Great for redistribution and larger quantity requirements.

14kg buckets
Our largest wholesale container.


An extra charge of $3 per kg applies for 250g pottles of fresh whitebait.
An extra charge of $2 per kg applies for 1kg pottles of fresh whitebait.

Frozen Whitebait Options

Cascade whitebait is packed in to plastic pottles and blast frozen to ensure no loss of quality occurs in the freezing process. Frozen orders are packed into polybins with slicker pads to ensure no loss of temperature during freighting. Clear or bar coded. Frozen whitebait is sold year round, subject to availability.

250gm plastic pottles
Look great and promote the "Quality Product" selling point. The containers are microwave safe for quick, no mess thawing.


A freight charge of $3 per kg applies for all orders.

Orders over 50kg FREIGHT FREE.

All whitebait products are over-night air freighted with Courier Post in polybins and chill packs.

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