The Cascade Whitebait Company

Whitebait from the Cascade River on the West Coast of the South Island

Fishermen fish their stands come rain, wind or shine for six hours of the incoming tide before lifting their net and returning with their catch to camp. The whitebait are quickly “sorted” before being chilled in drainer buckets and flown to the Christchurch retail outlet. Cascade Whitebait can reach their end destination within 24 hours ensuring the whitebait you are buying is of premium quality.

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cascade whitebait west coastThe Cascade Whitebait Company had its beginnings in the mid 1940's when firstly Ted, then Bruce, Buchanan went fishing with Ted Schofield at "The Junction".
The whitebait was packed out on horseback.
1954 Marked the beginning of airfreighting whitebait from the Cascade River. Today Cascade Whitebait has a dedicated premises in Christchurch where the whitebait are packed and shipped all over New Zealand.

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